About Us

RED Title LLC's corporate office is based in the heart of Houston, TX. RED Title is founded by a group of residential real estate professionals who understand what it takes to provide great service to REALTORS and their residential clients. We are able to provide title and escrow services all over the state of Texas. Our partners in underwriting include industry titans such as;  DOMA, Alliant, and First National Title. From El Paso, to San Antonio and all the other counties above, below, and in between we have got you covered. RED Title utilizes remote online notary services so that sellers can close anywhere & everywhere and their REALTORS can attend closings online. Buyers can close at a location of their choosing. Regardless if it is on site, on property, or over a quick lunch, our mobile closers are experienced in the residential real estate industry and ensure each client a seamless experience. 

Our Staff

Founder/Business Development/Escrow Officer
ImJustNelle is a Texas-based REALTORS, Broker/ Real Estate Instructor, and Licensed Escrow Officer specializing in the residential real estate sector. Since founding RED Title in 2022, her primary mission in title is to help agents transition and become comfortable with the new era of mobile closings.

281-833-3255 imjustnelle@redforagents.com

Angela Willis
Sr. Escrow Officer
Angela Willis treats every single file and client as if it were her own transaction. She is motivated to help REALTORS and their clients reach the ideal closing date on time. She facilitates and oversees all RED Title transactions from the beginning and continues to be a resource to clients even after the clear to close.

281-833-3255 awillis@redtitletx.com

Cynthia Wiles
Escrow Assistant
Cynthia has a commitment to RED Title clients to do her personal best and to get each file right. Cynthia has a keen eye for the details which is definitely a helpful asset when resolving any issues that could delay a quick, clean and seamless closing.

281-833-3255 cwiles@redtitletx.com

Our Office


800 Town & Country Blvd. STE 500,
Houston, Texas 77024